Winged Eyeliner Just Got A Dramatic Upgrade At Paris Fashion Week

Good news for those of us who never quite mastered the perfect cat eye

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You're running late again, why?

It's not because the bus was delayed or because you misplaced your house keys. Although these may be your excuses of choice, the truth of the matter is it's probably because you couldn't get your damn winged eyeliner right.

We've spent years trying to perfect the trendy eyeliner flick that has dominated the catwalks. All the while praying that one day wonky, slightly smudged and all-round average eyeliner might become the 'in' thing.


Well, your prayer has been answered.

This AW17 is waving goodbye to the days of a perfect eye-flick. Instead designers, including Versace and Saint Laurent are opting for a bolder, imperfect look and who are we to argue with them?

Donetella Versace is at the forefront of the modern upgrade. The Versace designer is well-known for her love of heavy black liner, so it seems only right that she gives her signature look some time in the spotlight.

The Versace show featured a FIERCE cat eye,which was created by Pat McGrath and pretty much resembles the effect you get when you're having an absolute eyeliner mare. You know the one, when you just keep on adding more, only to step back and realise you look like Avril Lavigne circa 2003.

But hey, it's nice to know we now don't need to go reaching for the make-up remover.

Basically, the gist is the more eyeliner, the better. Following suit in Milan was Marni, which saw a more subtle approach. However, it still outweighed the normal eyeliner/ eyelid ratio.

Meanwhile, Saint Laurent went for IDGAF vibes with unfinished shapes and broken lines, that we could all probably still create after a few too many tequila's.

Don't worry, it doesn't all look like one big eyeliner glitch. The classic cat eye did make an appearance at Chloe. However, it still boasted smudged edges, which before would of had us running to the nearest bathroom for a touch up.

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