4 Steps To Achieve The Topshop Tough-Glitter Look From London Fashion Week SS18

A little grunge, a lot cool

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Glitter might have dominated our newsfeeds this festival season, in every incarnation from full-body gem-ification to chunky glitter roots, but if Topshop's SS18 show is anything to go by (it is) then this sparkly adornment is about to toughen up a notch.


'This isn't pretty glitter,' explained make-up artist, Lynsey Alexander backstage before the show, which isn't to say it isn't prettifying in the flesh (it really is), but that it comes complete with a more rebellious attitude. An 'I've-been-out-all-night having a good time' type of situation, as opposed to meticulous application that requires a level of care and top-up attention.

For colours, Lynsey took inspiration from the '90s party scene in London's infamous Soho and created two colourways.

Firstly, a dirty rose pink that's more gritty than sweet and a secondly, a punchy peacock green; both of which she swept across eyes in a smudgy, wrap-around smoke that crept under the lower lash line and went right from the lashes to the crease.

The colour pay-off and finished effect comes down to the layering of individual products and the execution of application; 'I've banned brushes and relied completely on my fingers to apply the products,' Lynsey told us, 'it's all about a smudge, a tap and a press.'


Sounds easy enough, right? Here's a step-by-step breakdown that's practically foolproof. 'No really, you can't go wrong. And if you do, it only adds to the final look,' Lynsey promised.


First up, create a creamy long-wear base with a kohl liner or lip pencil and smudge it in with your finger. Scribble directly onto your eyelids or use the back of your hand like an artist's palette and apply to your fingers from there. Lynsey used Topshop's Gel Liner in Ink (for green) (£8) and Lip Liner in Perfectly Flawed (for pink) (£18 for the lip kit).

I've banned brushes and relied completely on my fingers to apply the products


Take a highly pigmented, shimmery, iridescent eyeshadow and tap it along the kohl base with your ring or first finger, working with the natural shape and contours of your eyes. Lynsey used Topshop Green Glitter Shadow, out 2018 (for green) and Chameleon Glow in Wax & Wane (for pink).



Get playful with glitter and press it atop your two base layers to bring it all together. The two products should hold it in place, but don't worry if it drops down a little, that's part of the fun. That said, if the thought of glitter on your cheek isn't tempting, dab over a little Vaseline first before going in for the press to keep it locked in place.


Give the glitter some guts by applying a good few coats of thickening mascara like Topshop False Lash Intense (£10).'Pink eyeshadow in particular can make you look a little tired so you need to balance this out with a good dose of black on the lashes,' Lynsey advises.

Remember, the aim of the game is cool, over considered. Like most make-up looks, the easiest way to make any colour or adornment feel fresh and not overly Insta-glam is to keep the skin pared back and not too covered and contoured.

That doesn't mean no foundation at all (we're realists) but a light application that starts in the centre of your face (covering only where needed) and finishes before the hairline (the number one telltale spot). Now enough of us, go get glittery.

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