9 Of The Best Beauty Subscription Boxes To Sign Up To Like Yesterday

From Glossybox to the Perfume Society Discovery box, these are the monthly subscription boxes you'll want to sign up to ASAP.


Not much beats the sound of a parcel packed with all manner of amazing make-up, skincare, hair and body-care products landing on the, actually rather chic, IKEA front door mat every month - yep, we're talking about beauty subscription boxes.

From Glossybox to Birchbox, there's no denying that the clever concept has gained traction over the past few years.

Giving beauty-obsessives all over the globe an opportunity to experiment with innovative products and cult classics without even having to leave their house sounds pretty damn good to us.


And now there's a new breed of boxes to choose from including vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, nail care, and even perfume. So, satisfy your love of all things beauty with ELLE's pick of the ones worth investing in.

Lookfantastic Beauty Box, from £13 a month, www.lookfantastic.com

Why You Need To Subscribe

There's nothing better than opening your front door to a beauty box filled to bursting with innovative new products and cult classics which is where the Lookfantastic Beauty Box comes in - and from £13 a month, it's a steal.

And it gets better, because this April, the beauty hub have teamed up with none other than benefit to launch their first limited edition box of 2017, which features a handful of favourites, including the amazing Gimme Brow, as well as a selection of new and exclusive products - hello, Hoola Contour stick! There's always so much more bang for your buck with this one.


Glossybox, from £8.50 a month, www.glossybox.co.uk

Why You Need To Subscribe

La Mer, Clarins, Too Faced and Philip Kingsley are just a handful of premium hair, make-up and skincare brands you'll find nestled inside your b-e-a-utifully-wrapped Glossybox which makes the £8.50 a month seem like pennies.

And, if you like to stay ahead of the curve, you'll love that the box introduces you to the odd under-the-radar beauty brand, too.

Meebox, from £18 a month, www.meebox.co.uk

Why You Need To Subscribe

If your love for nail polish knows no bounds, Meebox is the beauty subscription for you.

Each box is put together with a special theme in mind, with Lost City, Soft Scoop and Miami Nice just a handful of edits this year. The box boasts polishes from luxe brands like Nailberry and Lauren B Beauty (which is completely chemical-free, FYI) so you can spend less time and money in the salon each month and feel like an eco-goddess.


The Perfume Society Discovery Box, from £17.50 a month www.perfumesociety.org

Why You Need To Subscribe

A perfume delivery every month? Ummmm, yes.

This box will satiate your love of all things perfume without burning a hole in your pocket or taking up every inch of space on top of your dressing table.

From Latest Launches to Modern Classics, there are an impressive number of themed boxes to choose from and each one houses up to eight sample fragrances from the likes of Kenzo and Prada - perfect if you're a perfume commitment phobe.

The testers come complete with a scent card detailing each and every note which is a pretty cute and helpful addition.

Little-Known Box, from £14.95 a month, www.littleknownbox.com

Why You Need To Subscribe

If discovering new products before everyone else leaves you feeling pretty smug, then the Little-Known Box something you need to invest in - and fast.

Delivering budding brands like hj Manicure and The Vintage Cosmetics Company straight to your front door, the box includes a card which gives you the lowdown on each and every product, from make-up to skincare, to satisfy your curiosity.


Roccabox, from £10 a month, www.roccabox.co.uk

Why You Need To Subscribe

If you spend all of your free time poring over beauty blogs, then you'll find that Roccabox is the subscription box for you.

Every month, they enlist a new blogger to round up their beauty must-haves and each product they recommend will be included in the mix. Everything from hair, nails, make-up, skin and body-care (even hair removal) is covered and most of the products are generously-sized, making the value for money more or less unrivalled.

The Natural Beauty Box, from £24.95 a month, www.thenaturalbeautybox.co.uk

Why You Need To Subscribe

One for all the eco warriors out there, this box which introduces cruelty-free, vegan and environmentally-friendly products, from ELLE-approved brands like Little Ondine and PHB Ethical Beauty.

Every single one of the 5-6 products is full-sized and 50p from each box is also donated to charity, so you can do your bit and look polished - win-win.


The Pip Box, from £13.50 a month, www.thepipbox.co.uk

Why You Need To Subscribe

The Pip Box team is takes their cruelty-free status seriously which means that none of the products sitting proudly inside each edit are tested on animals.

So, what can you expect? A mix of full-sized favourites and travel-sized treats from grime-busting cleansers to nourishing lip balms, moisturisers and oils, there's also the option to subscribe to a vegan-friendly box, too.

Birchbox, from £10 a month, www.birchbox.co.uk

Why You Need To Subscribe

Arguably the chicest beauty subscription box (the packaging is always so darn Insta-worthy), Birchbox never fails to impress.

Emerging brands meet established names to deliver a collection of kickass hair, make-up skin and body-care products, making you wonder how on earth you ever lived without them. Dr. Brandt, Korres and Nuxe are just a few brands on board which means that each box is a total treat.

Pink Parcel, from £10.50, www.pinkparcel.co.uk

Why You Need To Subscribe

In a bid to make your time of the month just that little bit more bearable (yep, it is possible), Pink Parcel deliver a box laden with sanitary items alongside a myriad of beauty bits and a selection of snacks - including chocolate and tea, of course - just ahead of your period.

All you need to do is tell them your dates, make a choice between pads or tampons and they'll deliver accordingly. You might not look forward to the visit from mother nature but the postman is more than welcome if he's got one of these under his arm.

Friction Free Shaving, from £5 a month, www.ffs.co.uk

Why You Need To Subscribe

This genius subscription box which delivers a month's worth of no-nicks, no-fuss blades straight to your front door. Soft, supermodel legs are finally within touching distance - and from as little as £5.

There are two types to choose from, but with its super-sturdy gilt handle, the 'Samantha' razor (which comes complete with four changeable blades) gets our vote, so you can say see-ya to all of those rusty ones gathering in the corner of shower.

The best part? Postage is free and you can also pop shaving cream on to your order. Summer = sorted.

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