Meet Youtube’s Hottest New Beauty Vlogger

She has over 40 years of experience

I recently gave an iPad to my gran to keep in touch. Fourteen un-replied emails later, I realized, she wasn’t going to get on board with social media.

Melissa55 is from another kettle of fish. She’s a mother of two (and grandmother of seven!) and absolutely killing it in the beauty world. She also happens to be 60 years young.

Living in a small Southern town in East Tennessee, Melissa spends two days a week filming for her YouTube channel. Here, she shares everything she’s learned over the years like how to get big hair and the secret to smooth skin (she uses Retin-A, Retinol and doesn’t moisturise – beauty world bombshell).  


Highlighted earlier this week on Jezebel, Melissa’s message to her 11,000+ subscribers is simple and sweet – grow older gracefully. She’s keeping it real too. There’s no big budget editing, just her in her bathroom, doing her thang.

And I know, there’s no shortage of beauty vloggers, but how many of them can do a 60s hair tutorial which is actually based on exactly how they wore it… in the sixties?


Honestly, you’ll be hooked. I’m on my third hour of watching…

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