The Beauty Extremist: Lou Teasdale's Anti-Makeup Statement

For the love of mega clogged lashes


By Lou Teasdale @louteasdale

My lashes are my eyeliner, my eyeshadow and my mascara. They're something of a trademark, so much so that not many days go by where I don't get asked, ‘How do you manage to get your eyelashes like that?’ Whether it’s meant to be complimentary or critical I don't really care – after all it’s not an anti-makeup statement if I'm the same as everyone else, is it?

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Show me a pretty, natural, fluttery lash look and I will show you the door. Or the contents of my makeup bag which consist of five of the blackest black mascaras – the thicker and gloopier the better – and invite you to have another go with one (or five) of them.

The ‘rules’ have always told us to avoid the dreaded clumpy, spidery lashes. Sod that. I want my lashes to look thickly coated so their obvious clumpiness looks intentional. My goal is to look like I’ve been up all night, preferably in a sweaty club, partying with Kate Moss in her see-through slip. For me, more is definitely more.



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To get the look, I apply a base layer of mascara and then dust a thin layer of translucent powder over the top and repeat until it’s really piled up. Or, if I’m in a rush, I just keep on layering and layering different mascaras. My general rule is when you think you’ve done enough coats – do one more. And then another one.

Next, I group my lashes together into spidery points with the tip of the mascara wand and then wiggle them into place. Sometimes I also use a pair of tweezers to pinch together small groups of lashes whilst my mascara is still wet. Both work great.  

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I’ve actually found that the more expensive mascaras tend to avoid clumps (not my end game), whereas cheaper ones are better to layer up and experiment with. So I always stock up on high-street ones.

I particularly love Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara – it has a big fat brush that holds a lot of product, making it quicker to layer-up – and Maybelline Push-Up Drama Mascara, which has this kind of cup-shaped wand that scoops up lashes and gives mega volume. 

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