Multi-Coloured Ombré Lipsticks Now Exist To Make Contouring Your Lips Extremely Easy

Leave the lip liner at home and get your hands on the rainbow-stripes.


Multi-coloured lipsticks might just be the solution to fuller-looking lips - with a side of ombré thrown in for extra millenial measure, of course.

Okay, bear with us on this one.

The theory? That a lipstick with two or three different shades (one darker, one lighter) helps to contour and define your lips without the faff (or 90s vibe) of a lip liner.

The result? Everyone from Dior and Givenchy, to Smashbox and Benefit have launched their own multi-tonal bullets intended to contour your pout to perfection in a matter of minutes.


Not convinced?

We got our hands on the jazzy looking lipsticks to see whether the lip plumping illusion really works, or if the hype is just, well, hype.

1. Dior Rouge Dior Double Rouge (available September)

What They Say...

'Two trends - the matte and the metallic - fuse for make-up pleasure. In a single application, thanks to its dual-textured stick, Double Rouge delivers an ombré effect thanks to its highlight pigmented matte outer ring with a metallic core that catches the light. This formula challenge was met so that on application, the two shades harmonize, creating a sophisticated finish and an optical illusion of volume.'

What We Say...

We're not entirely convinced about the promise of the first-ever matte metallic lipstick, but other than that we're 100% in. Nailing their moisturising but totally matte formula once again, Dior's Double Rouge admittedly has a slight shimmer from the core shade that simultaneously does the job of a well-placed highlighter aka making our lips look way bigger through the power of visual illusion. Oh, and the Poison Purple shade could just take the place of our go-to berry lip once Autumn rocks around.


2. Smashbox Be Legendary Triple Tone Lipstick

What They Say...

'Skip the crazy-complicated lip tutorials. Each Triple Tone lipstick has three pigment-packed shades that are perfectly placed to give you a faster ombré. The formula is smooth, cushiony & comfortable with a demi-matte finish. You get depth, dimension & definition, plus a fuller-looking pout that pops on camera.'


What We Say...

Not one for the wallflowers, Smashbox's stripy lipstick will have you stepping right out of that nude lip comfort zone. The Sunset Ombré shade is by far the most fun and least practical, but if you're in need of a lipstick you can wear without looking like a Lichtenstein painting, the Berry Ombré is your guy.

The three shades of pink, magenta and dark purple look intimidating but actually blend to a work-safe mauve. And we reckon the lighter pink shade in the centre of our lips totally makes them look way more plushy.

Top Tip: Turn the lipstick round to do your bottom lip to make sure the lightest shade stays in the centre.

3. Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt Lipstick

What They Say...

'Givenchy reinvents its Le Rouge lipstick with a revolutionary two-toned design: The lipstick designed to colour and contour in a single step.'

What We Say...

A black and red lipstick? Yup, more than just a Halloween beauty moment, Givenchy's two-tone black and red lipstick might look right at home on Cruella De Vil but also works as your next going out blood red lip. More dramatic than our usual red lipstick, yes, but we came to love the moody-meets-vampy vibe as the bright red blended with the black.

Did it contour? For sure. Was it subtle? Obviously not. But then again you don't rock a black and red lipstick if you're going for a Miranda Kerr no make-up selfie vibe.

Top Tip: Turn the bullet upside to do your bottom lip, otherwise you'll end up with black in the centre of your bottom lip, instead of outlining it.

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