Kendall Jenner Reveals Biggest Beauty Mistake

The Victoria Secret's model confesses she made a big beauty faux pas as a teenager


When you were going through that hellish time called puberty, hands up if you ever committed one of the following cardinal sins of beauty:

  1. Wore a foundation four times darker than your skin tone
  2. Shaved your arm hair
  3. Sported an entire eye shadow palette on your eyelids
  4. Cut your upper lip hair

Well, you're not the only one, as Kendall Jenner has admitted to a very big beauty faux-pas, committed during her early teens.

Her biggest beauty regret was once plucking out her eyebrow hairs – all of them. 


On her blog, the 20-year-old wrote a post titled 'My biggest beauty regret' and explained:

'When I was younger, on a totally weird whim, I plucked out all of my eyebrows! Thankfully, they grew back, but my sisters flipped OUT. 

'And, of course, I had to go to camp (Malibu Makos, in case you were wondering) with all the cute surfer boys. Completely. Mortifying,' she added. 


Fortunately for the supermodel, her eyebrows grew back and she went onto become one of the world's most in-demand supermodels. 

'So, yes, they grew back, but it was soooo slowly and in a kind of gross way. It felt like an eternity. Finally, when I turned 14, I went to the eyebrow aesthetician and started having them professionally done.' 

If, after all these years, you still haven't learnt the art of brow artistry, watch ELLE's Beauty Director Sophie Beresiner and Benefit head makeup and brow artist Lisa Potter-Dixon's brow tutorial to get the perfect arch. 

You're welcome.

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