Beyoncé's Makeup Artist Reveals Behind-The-Scene Beauty Secrets On Formation Tour

From hair swishes to hip swings, how exactly does Beyoncé look flawless on stage– all the time?


Give us a ten minute brisk walk to the bus, a compact tube at rush-hour or a light jog around the park and our make-up will be streaming down our face. Fact.

Your colleague: 'Wow, you're really glowing today.'

You: 'No Jenny, I'm sweating like a Fab lolly. That's what is happening right now.'

But one woman – nay Queen – who doesn't have to worry about her make-up slipping off is Beyoncé.

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Yesterday, the Lemonade singer posted a behind-the-scenes video of her Formation tour with an exclusive interview with her makeup artist, Sir John.

Explaining how Beyoncé maintains her flawless complexion during her show, Jon says: 'Throughout the show, I'm making sure she's not shiny and that there's dueyness in the right places. We fine tune her look from the start to the end of the show.'


So, that's how she stays looking so perfect.

'The colours for Formation in terms of makeup are bronzes and terrocotas – warmer colors,' he adds.

For those of us who didn't nab tickets to her Formation show earlier this summer (us, jealous? What?), the singer dances on a stage filled with water for the song 'Freedom',according to Jon.

Not exactly ideal for a make-up artist, then?

'The easiest part is actually when she actually gets wet. Once the water hits her face everything seems a bit more live and fresh.

'We both love glowing skin. If you look at her ELLE August Cover, [her look was] all about skin and brows. There's a cool naturalness.'

Right, that's it. We're going to pour a bottle of water over our faces at lunchtime to maintain our Beyoncé glow.

Who's with us?

Watch the video below:

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