Maison Margiela SS18 Negative Space Lips Are Fashion Week's Latest Way To Fake A Plumper Pout

The theory at Maison Margiela? Less lipstick = bigger looking lips. Genius.

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When make-up legend Pat McGrath gets her hands on a runway look, you know it's going to be epic.

After a fairly expected barefaced 'no make-up make-up' start to Paris Fashion Week, the founder of Pat McGrath Labs woke the FROW up with the most innovative lip look we've seen for a long time.


Sending seriously defined fuchsia pink and bright red lipstick with a skin-coloured gap running through the middle down the runway at Maison Margiela, we're calling it - McGrath just made negative space lips officially a thing.

So whats' the deal? Well, considering how weird it looks, negative space lips are actually surprisingly simple to recreate.

Using the bright pink Full Panic, and the ruby red Psycho Candy Matte Trance lipsticks from her eponymous make-up line, McGrath applied colour to either side of models' lips, making sure to leave a curved stripe running through the middle.

Some say it looks like sideways hearts, others like petals, either way it makes everyone's lips look amazing.

Yup, fooling you into thinking every model had the perfect defined cupid's bow, the skin-toned gap and rounded edges created the illusion of a super bouncy, plump pout that brings to mind a Jeff Koons balloon sculpture. If you will....

Add to that the contouring effect of the trompe l'oeil 'highlighter' and you've got your fullest lips ever by using less lipstick.

Confusing but oh so satisfying.

Pat McGrath we bow down to your genius once again.

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