Lipslut Just Unveiled A 'F*ck Hollywood' Lipstick To Support Victims Of Sexual Assault

'50% towards charity, 100% against abuse.'


It's difficult to miss what's been happening in the news recently in regards to the ongoing sexual assault allegations - not just in Hollywood, but in the British political sphere, the sporting world and beyond.

Said scandals have prompted the honest hashtag #MeToo, which has seen countless women share their stories, as well as world-famous musicians, models and artists openly condemning their abusers - and that's just the tip of the iceberg.


But US-based beauty brand Lipslut, created by student Katie Sones, is responding in what is most probably the sassiest way - by lifting the lid on a bold red matte liquid lipstick called F*ck Hollywood - a product that is '50% towards charity, 100% against abuse'.

F*ck Hollywood: an outspoken true red ❤️

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The aim? To take a defiant stand against sexual assault and to offer help and support to the victims everywhere.

At the checkout, those buying the 'outspoken true red' lipstick (which is also cruelty free and vegan - all the yas) get to choose the anti-sexual assault organisation they'd most like to donate to.

There are six in total, including: Planned Parenthood, NO MORE, Futures Without Violence, National Alliance To End Sexual Violence and the Rape, Abuse And Incest National Network, and whichever charity receives the most votes takes 50% of the liquid lipstick's proceeds.

50% of earnings from F*ck Hollywood go towards helping anti-sexual assault organizations.

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A well-stocked make-up bag and the opportunity to do our bit? We love.


And if the straight-talking start-up brand rings a bell, it's probably because it's also the brains behind the Insta-famous, bright pink, F*ck Trump lipstick, which, when launched earlier this year, raised an amazing $40,000 for those affected by the violence in Charlottesville.

Swatch of F*ck Hollywood 🖕😘

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There is a slight catch, though.

F*ck Hollywood isn't actually available to buy internationally just yet - although, Lipslut took to Instagram to assure beauty-obsessives all over the globe that they are 'definitely working on it.'


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That said, the concept is something that truly resonates on a global scale right now, and for that, we salute them.

In the meantime, if anyone across the pond wouldn't mind putting in an order for us ASAP, that'd be great...

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