The Mirrored Nail Varnish We Didn't Know We Needed

Narcissus would have a field day​


Latest in a long line of beauty products that we didn't know we needed, is this mirrored nail varnish.

Like magpies to blue things, recently at ELLE, we've become obsessed with metallics. If you've seen our ELLE fashion spread with model Sara Sampaio, you'll know this to be true. 

Our metallics shoot with model Sara Sampaio

Silver brogues are de rigueur for the ELLE team too.

Silver Brogues on Digital Editor Natasha Bird

So you'll understand, then, why this new nail varnish is so appealing. 

Up until now, there have been all manner of metallic polishes available, with varying degrees of shine and intensity:

Ms. Nine 🌰✨ @fabulouslifeofnine

A photo posted by Frédérique Olthuis (@frederiqueolthuis) on

But, beyond falsies, there haven't been a great many that actually resembled a mirrored surface. 

This new varnish, from the Born Pretty shop, seems to have mastered just that:

With people flocking to Instagram to show it off:

We can't wait for this to become more widely available. 

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