You Can Blame Kylie Jenner For This Beauty Product Shortage

Good luck getting that perfect pout now

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If Kim Kardashian is 'The Body' in her family and Kendall Jenner is 'The Legs', then Kylie Jenner is most definitely 'The Lips'. The reality star has received more attention for her famously (infamously?) plumped pout than Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson combined.

I missed my short hair

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For a while there—before she finally confessed to using fillers to achieve that bee-stung look—the social media world was going to dangerous extremes to recreate her plumped-up pout. Lucky for all the poor, engorged lips out there, that trend has died down in favor of a less health-hazardous approach: lip liner.

As revealed by Kim Kardashian on KUTWK, her sister still over-lines her lips for added volume to her surgically enhanced smile. And though Kylie is known to blend several shades when contouring her kisser, one of her favorite versions is MAC lip pencil in the color Spice.