What Models Drink Backstage For Better Skin

Forget coffee and matcha juices, the models are going back to basics to freshen up their skin​


Fashion month is hot.

And no, we don't mean 'hot' with designers' new collections, quirky structured shoes and catwalk struts that put Gisele's to shame.

We mean hot as in 'it's so hot, my face is melting, someone fetch a fan I think I'm going to faint on the FROW' kind of hot.

All those hair dryers, frenzied paparazzi and ruffled layers don't make for a good #streetstyle look my friends.


So, it comes as no surprise that the models backstage require refreshing, healthy beverages to keep them hydrated for several shows each day and maintain their healthy glow.

But, what exactly do they drink? 


Well, according to female entrepreneur Theresa Krier who launched her tea brand Big T NYC, models for the likes of Rebecca Minkoff and Nanette Lepore are obsessed with drinking organic tea.

'I noticed that models weren't drinking anything before their shows because the options were limited to water and soda, which as we know, causes bloating . . . not what anyone wants before walking the runway,' Trier told Popsugar

The range's 'Tell-Tale Glow' tea (containing goji berries, currants, elderberries, and rose petals) is a particular favorite among models given it's antioxidant-rich tea leaves that help keep skin looking healthy and glowing.

If that's not enough, tea has been found to make you feel refreshed, raising your for temperature so that your brain works to cool you down.

Glowing skin and cooling properties – what more could you want? 

Pop the kettle on. 

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