The Dainty Feminist Hand Tattoo We All Now Want To Help Us Punch The Patriarchy

Every fancied giving the patriarchy a subtle back hand? Well, you might want to equip yourself with this inspiring feminist tattoo, first.

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Days after celebrating her 25th birthday with friend and model Stella Maxwell in New York City, British model Adwoa Aboah has debuted her latest tattoo and, it's safe to say, we're all contemplating heading to our nearest tattoo parlour at lunchtime to get her feminist-inspired inking.

Seriously, that's how much we're loving her tat.


This morning, the Londoner – who recently opened up for the royal family's Heads Together campaign about her attempted suicide and depression – posted an image to Instagram of her new inkings across the back of her hands.

Inked below her wrists, the tattoos read: 'All the women. In me. Are tired'

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The model – who shares a matching half-heart tattoo with model Cara Delevingne – revealed that her latest inking was inspired by the words of African-American poet Nayyirah Waheed and explained her tattoo was 'for all the women and Gurls that think they are alone but realize that they never were and never will be'.


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Designed by a NYC-based tattoo artist known as 'Jon Boy Tattoo', the feminist words are tattooed above Aboah's other tattoos reading 'Gurl Power' and 'Right' across the back of her hands, in reference to her Gurls Talk movement – a community described as being a platform where girls can learn what it means to be a girl in the 21st century.

Right that's it. We're off to get matching feminist tattoos.

Who's with us?

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