The Life of a LFW Pink Lip

By Amy Lawrenson

By Bella Blissett

Here today, gone tomorrow - a Fashion Week lip never knows whether its colour is coming or going. As lips this week found themselves in the pink, we asked one to share its LFW diary.

Saturday: Deciding what to wear for LFW is always such a dilemma. So when I just couldn’t pick between my favourite pink looks, I decided to go two-tone. Taking his inspiration from fifties L.A. skater girls, Andrew Gallimore added a Cherryade-like shade to my outer edges – then made me pop with a burst of MAC’s Lip Mix in Fuchsia, White and Orange right bang in the centre.


Sunday: Having spent the morning watching cartoons, I just couldn’t resist making the look my own. So I dialed Val Garland who imagined what would happen if Warhol met royalty then bumped up my curves with a chalk pink shade that was pure Nickelodeon.


Monday: With the sounds of the eighties ringing in my ears, I was in the mood to party. Sharon Dowsett liquefied my look with a slick of Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick in Intense Fuchsia and a topcoat of gloss as I busted some moves to Salt-n-Pepa’s Push It.


Later on Monday: Needing something more sophisticated, I ditched the gloss and let Lucia Pieroni make me matte at Giles with a coat of concealer topped with MAC’s Embrace Me Pencil.


Tuesday: Up and at it for the Mulberry show, I was in the mood for a subtle, barely-there look. So it was good old balm three quarters of the way with a smidgen of L’Oréal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick in Dating Coral and Color Riche in Pink Passion patted over the top by Mathias Van Hoof.


Tuesday afternoon: And finally it was time for my LFW curtain call. Georgina Graham prepped me in MAC’s Pepto Bismol-like St Germain Lipstick before a dusting of the new Cheers My Dears frosted pigment added some oomph for my final LFW bow.


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