Alexander Wang

Because Alexander Wang proved that he has finally eclipsed the young designer tag and firmly placed himself in the heart of New York’s fashion establishment.

That said, his ideas remain as contemporary and exciting as ever. For Spring Summer 2013, the designer explored deconstruction – an avant garde concept of the 90s, the decade which Wang most often refers to – and his hard-edged leather-trimmed sports chic was slashed up and cut down. Shorts, boxy jackets, leather shifts and dress shirts were taken apart and reworked with strips of plastic or contrast colour holding them together.

Knee-high gladiator boots were given the same treatment: somewhere, surely, Anna Dello Russo is already ordering a pair. The show closed with an incredible glow-in-the-dark finale of bright knits - adding extra drama, as if any were needed.

And so, back to Liberty Ross. The 33-year-old hasn’t been near a runway in years and it’s hard not to see this appearance as a statement. What do they say about looking good being the best revenge?