The season in glorious technicolour


References to the swinging '60s are all over the London catwalks, but nowhere have we seem them as colourfully as at Jasper Conran.
We should've known when we received our orange Perspex invitation that colour would be key. But the first look out - a navy A-line skirt and matching neat, cropped jacket - got things off to a sombre start. The opening hues were, while rich, subdued, styled up with cloche hats and little leather gloves. A black ponyskin coat was standout, and the prim, button-through blouses paired with wool skirts in matching tones, classic Conran.
So far so a/w, right? Then, a purple dress coat with matching vivid purple cloche and tights marked a sea change. And before we knew it a rainbow of girls, each in beautifully crafted day dresses of coral and fuchsia and yellow, was striding out - brightly-colored tights and low, block-heeled courts in either matching or contrasting shades completing the look.
A circle motif emerged in a patched red skirt and, later, navy dresses with spaghetti straps made entirely of circles stitched-together. Textures became lush, with a pink sequinned dress featuring a stitched in corsage made of pailettes, and a swingy frayed chiffon swing dress adding depth. Plus, special mention has to go to the bags: the fold-over tan clutch, roomy enough for day-to-day, will be a sure-fire hit.
All in all, this was memorable collection from a man with an impressive number of those to his name. Bravo.
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