Clements Ribeiro

‘She’s obsessed with French music,’ explained Clements backstage, ‘She runs away with her boyfriend and takes her stereo with her. Plus she always wears blue eye shadow and has perfectly manicured hands. She’s a bit anti-fashion.’

Add to this the designers’ summer holiday, a US coast-to-coast road trip, soaking up Maine – where Anderson’s film is set – and you have the perfect spring / summer Clements Ribeiro collection.

Quirky, irreverent, effortless and fresh. It was as if through Suzy, the designers had rediscovered the best of themselves – and their incredible archive.

They clashed (in a good way) those florals, checks and signature stripy knits for which they are best known. Then sent out the loveliest dresses in sheer multi-coloured polka dots or as lace prints trimmed with neat sparkling collars.

But, it turns out, Suzy Bishop loves her luxury eveningwear, too – although she’d probably wear it in the day, on the beach. Standouts were the black dress stitched with red carnations and a beaded hem, the simple white sequinned slip, or the matador trousers seamed with tiny pom-poms - all worn with flat sandals, naturally, a la Suzy.