On the show notes sat a quote from Charlotte Gainsbourg; “she walks crooked and paints her eyelids blue.. dandie-lion, I wanna go there too”. The girls didn’t walk crooked – even in those towering heels - nor was there evidence of blue lids, but looking at the Lim-clad PRs and then at the beautiful clothes on the runway, boy did you want to immediately down tools, head to the nearest stockist and bedeck yourself in Phillip Lim.

A mental wishlist began; nude and patterned lace dress, lambskin shift with rhinestone encrusted sleeves, the perfect tuxedo jacket, the halter tabards, embroidered flora-dot track pants (in cream and black).

Lim at the top of his game marries contemporary with luxury like no other. This was one of his more directional shows and it certainly paid off.



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