Peter Jensen always hooks his collections on an unexpected muse, (past names have included Candice Marie from Mike Leigh's Nuts of May and Christine of Denmark) and for spring/summer 2010 he named his collection ‘Laurie’ after Laurie Simmon’s, a photographer best known for her Kodachrome pictures that set plastic models and cardboard cut-outs against different backdrops.

Cue American classics with an unmistakably quirky Jensen edge. Models meandered through rooms lined with huge compelling images of the outfits taken by Simmons. She had created miniature paper dolls dressed in each look and shot them around a doll’s house. There was a hint of Park Avenue princess in pencil skirts and swing jackets, knitted cardigans and gingham shifts, while the dark floral printed trousers and zip-up jacket with a hood channelled classic sportswear. A green jumpsuit that was draped at the hips and teamed with an oversized watermelon bag was our stand out look for spring.

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