Since the announcement in January that Sienna and Savannah Miller had stepped down from the helm of Twenty8Twelve, the question on everyone's lips has been, 'what will the label look like without the two sisters?' Well the answer is - seemingly the same.

With a practical approach to design and a square focus on what women want to wear, Twenty8Twelve has built its brand around a wardrobe for 'every girl.' And in that regard, nothing has changed.

For autumn/winter 2012 we have three muses - a modish androgen, a bitter-sweet girl and a femme-fatale. With such a wide audience to please, the label never dwells on a theme, and inspirations are only ever loosely translated.
Delving into the 'murky underbelly of London', this season's 'Faceless Featured Future' is explored though references to mock documentaries, B-movie directors and subversive 1960's icons.

The result? Dramatic tuxedo culottes sitting alongside swing-shaped peacoats, flecked Aran knits railed next to thigh split dresses, babydoll dresses and stocking trousers.

Not so much a standout collection, but as always, plenty to wear.

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