Holly Fulton

It may have been half past nine on a Sunday morning but, thanks to the dimmed red lighting, Patti Smith emanating from the speakers and the glossy red catwalk, it felt more like a friday night.
1970s post-gig parties in the early hours and the bad girl groupies that frequented them were the Holly Fulton starting point for the season. Geometric patterns were splashed against pencil skirts and printed on dresses. Biker jackets were printed with tattoo-like motifs, embroidered with passion flowers and embelished with sequinned feathers. A recurring lipstick print covered a masculine blouse and a silk dungaree dress and a tunic with fur sleeves. And maxi dresses with voluminous skirts were printed with pixels and splashed with bears and a tiger's face.
All the looks were sported with winkle-pickers - this girl doesn't want high heels slowing her down. The overall vibe was a little bit punk, a little bit mod and very, very cool.