John Rocha

The John Rocha show is always a family affair; while the man himself beavers away backstage seeing to his collection's finishing touches, his wife Odette greets guests on the front row. Today daughter Simone took a break from her own show prep to watch, and son Max took care of the music.The patriarch has been perma-feature of London Fashion Week for decades now, and it's testament to his enduring talent that the fashion masses still scramble in to see what he will offer up. This season his starting points were '...the winter bright landscapes of Wicklow and the palettes in the work of Gary Hulme', and he wove the references in to his signature aesthetic.Dresses and skirts made up of delicate hand sewn flowers were truly beautiful, while precisely tailored trouser suits, triangular cut-outs at the collar, offered a polished counterpoint. Textural, tactile felt dresses in bright orange and pink with sculptural skirts that stood away from the body were current and youthful, as were the black tweed jumpsuit and dress shot through with shimmering metallic threads. And we have our eye on the accessories too - patent, block heeled shoes and bright, oversized clutches we can't wait to carry.