Louise Gray

In the notes for Louise Gray’s ‘Hey Crazy’ show the designer told us, ‘I’ve found a confidence in tailoring, and it’s exactly what I want to wear right now’. And it showed on the catwalk. She’s evolved over the past few season’s, harnessing her brilliantly bonkers creativity and channeling it into pieces that are polished and commercial while still retaining the Louise Gray hallmark.
The only thing seriously crazy about the show was the styling. Few other designers could get away with loo roll brooches, parcel tape bangles and plastic bags as hats - as created by Stephen Jones - but somehow Louise makes it all work.
But underneath were clothes that we really wanted to wear, not just thrown together but beautifully crafted. The jacquard silk pieces were our favourites; in vibrant shades and clashing prints the narrow cocktail trousers, a lady-like mini dress with stand-away panels, and a pair of really beautiful cropped jackets were grown-up and elegant with just the right amount of fun thrown in. Sequined skirts and spaghetti strapped dresses with printed backs took care of our party dressing requirement, although mixed with the really great striped knits they would work just as well for daytime too.

Louise Gray may never be for wallflowers - not that there's many of those in fashion anyway - but she's broadened her appeal while still managing to hold on to all the things that propelled her into the spotlight in the first place. And we have a feeling that there's set to be a whole host of new fans queuing up for her autumn offering.