Lucas Nascimento

A thoughtful, quiet, pared-back offering from New Gen star Lucas Nascimiento at the Tate Modern Topshop Show Space.

Where the Brazillian-born designer's spring/summer collection was overtly space-themed, with planets stitched into fine sweaters and constellations bursting across the breastbone, we move into less literal, more refined territory with a look at a futuristic minimalism for autumn.

That classic '60s staple - the rollneck jumper - we've seen pervade so many of the LFW catwalks this week was there, overlaid with sleeveless, A-line round-neck wool dresses or cropped, sleeveless, pull-on tops that offered a fresh, modern silhouette. For one look, a fluffy knit band was simply pulled on top, across the arms: a simple, wearable, chic idea.

Even the colours hinted at a space-like coldness - deep blue, dove grey, mushroom, putty - with a punch of jade here, a shot of chartreuse there and on the money for the season with a 'one look, one colour' philosophy.

All of the models wore broad, padded leather headbands backwards, across the top of messy, low buns, giving the appearance of a control room headset - a nice touch.
While knitwear remains Nascimiento's focus, leather is an exciting addition, cleanly cut in long lines with raw edges.

As far as visions of the future go, it was certainly a compelling one. And this young designer's own future just keeps getting more exciting the more we see from him.