Matthew Williamson

Those feeling smug that, unlike last week's shows in New York, London Fashion Week has been cold but gloriously snow free hadn't banked on Matthew Williamson. The Brit closed his show this evening with an artificial flurry of snowflakes that drifted down onto the heads of of his models.

Williamson will always be associated to a certain degree with his Ibiza-boho beginnings, but a girl can't live in the sunshine forever and this season she travelled to the other extreme - the North Pole. The winter setting didn't translate into an absence of colour though - the Northen Lights inspired bright shades of green, orange, blue and pink that would brighten the greyest, or in this case most Arctic of days. And the phenomenon was reflected more literally in digital prints and shimmering sequinned dresses and pencil skirts.

Full, knee length skirts, some pleated, were worn with floral print blouses, winter-ready knits and were paired with textural tops worn over roll-neck sweaters; narrow tailored trousers were styled with patterned knits or loose, long sleeved tunics; dresses came rich, floral brocade with jewelled collars and pretty embroidery. And traditional Nordic costumes were updated and transformed into colourfully striped, perfectly tailored coats and jackets with simple, lean silhouettes.