And so into the woods with Osman.

When the designer told us backstage that the starting point for this stark, colourless collection was a trip into Narnia, suddenly, it all made sense: the forbidding, high, shawl-like collars and shimmering beaded dresses were pure Snow Queen. And the curled wool clutches definitely had a whiff of the Tumnus about them.

This was an accomplished collection, infinitely wearable and beautifully cut, which saw lavish flounce hems trimming the bottom of asymmetrically cut wool dresses and power sleeves brought to the fore in leg ‘o mutton styles or slit through the front to give the appearance of a cape.

There was regality in gold embroideries and rich brocades, which came worked as midi-length day dresses and wide-legged trousers paired with zip-through, waist-length jackets. Gauzy, see-though separates, meanwhile, added a note of the organic, stretching out like untouched spiderwebs across the body.

So, is Osman a bookworm? Is CS Lewis a particular favourite of his? ‘Well...’ he laughed, diplomatically. ‘Let’s just say it felt right for winter.’

He's not wrong there.