Todd Lynn

The Todd Lynn girl is always a tough cookie, someone you'd think twice about crossing, and this season she showed few signs of letting her guard down. Little surprise, really - according to the show notes she's part of a New York girl gang that jumps people for their clothes and then has the spoils tailored to fit.Tailoring was really the watch word of the collection. Less armorial than in previous seasons the trouser suits, sleeveless tux jackets and masculine mid-length coats were sharp and precise. Oversized coats were slashed at the elbow to reveal a hint of skin beneath. Leather biker jackets were nipped here and tucked there to be fitted at the waist and more blouson at the back and skirts came slit high at the front - an emerging trend for next season - or wrapped around. Sheer lace sleeves adorned beautiful navy silk shell tops paired with cocktail trousers and figure-skimming dresses. And pleated skirts in cream and black were wrapped around and tied with ribbons at the waist over leather or fur bodices.Fingerless leather gloves, septum piercings courtesy of Shaun Leane and towering patent leather booties reinforced the don't-mess-with-me vibe, not to mention the pounding electronica soundtrack. There's no getting away from it - we want to be in Todd Lynn's gang.