Vera Wang

Translated, that equated to strong camel-coloured coats paired with boot-cut trousers and long vests in the first half juxtaposed softer, more delicate graphic prints and muted tones near the end. The idea of opposites translated down to the shoes, where thigh high, wedge boots starkly contrasted the light-as-a-feather gowns they were paired with.

As Wang put it, this collection was about 'clothing as sanctuary.' The body wrapped in soft armour as seen through a fencing-inspired jacket or the carapace of a coat. While pops of colour like tangerine permeated the collection, serving as sparkling ornamentation, sheer and smoky transparencies were the key touch points for fall, with a number featuring a print of vaulted ceilings on silk chiffon dresses—sheer enough to be just enough risqué.