If there was such a thing as 36-Carat gold – heck, why be conservative when we’re talking about Donatella Versace, let’s make it 1000-Carat gold – you can bet she would be using it.

As it was, for last night’s couture collection in Paris, held in a bank – where else? – and with Kevin Costner, Olivia Munn and Charlene Princess of Monaco in attendance, Versace had to settle for the 24-Carat stuff. Yes, real gold thread stitched into the seams of ‘anatomical’ dresses, defined as pinstripes on Sabatier-sharp jackets or as ‘Japanese denim, exclusively developed and interpreted in tailoring'. None of this is surprising when ‘Glamour’ is your middle name, ‘Versace’ is your last, you wear platinum waist-length hair, boast a waist smaller than a 16-year-old model’s and live the most mega-voltage-glamorous life.

In the show notes, Donatella said she had been inspired by the ‘architectural splendour of glass domes, where the fragility of glass contrasts with the strength of iron and steel’. As far as inspirations go, this was vintage Versace. The designer often talks about finding a balance between her strong and soft sides. And here she found it.

Well, if for soft we take fluorescent yellow mink, cut with alternating stripes of crystal, python and gold laminate on a micro gilet. And for hard, we offer as evidence the first gold-shouldered black/gold pinstriped trouser suit, worn by the dramatic ice-white-haired Kristen McMenamy – in this outfit, a Donatella Doppelganger.

What you have to remember about Versace’s vision of talon heels, shoulders that could give you a nasty cut, waists, legs, crystals, fur, embroideries and gold – lots and lots of gold – is that it is just as much a marvel to behold, with its infinite precision and immaculate finish, as any rival couture house in Paris.

Just how did those slender column dresses with neon leather tube trims manage to move the way they did on the body while exposing snake-like slithers of bare flesh between golden zips, anyway?

The secret is safe at Atelier Versace.

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