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Lana Del Rey Gives Us Her Thoughts On Donald Trump

By Lena De Casparis

Things are really heating up in the US presidential election race - Donald Trump is still dominating the Republicans, and Hillary Clinton is in a head to head with Bernie Sanders. 


This week Lana Del Rey took home the award for ‘Female Music Artist Of The Year’ at the ELLE Style Awards, and post her receiving her award we asked her what she made of Republican front runner Donald Trump.

Here’s what she had to say;

‘There’s a lot to talk about. I mean you know although I believe that personality shouldn’t get in the way of people’s true politics and what they are actually standing for, I need more information from all of my potential candidates. From all of them. Democrats, republicans, I have a lot of conflicting feelings about all of them, to be politically correct.

Lana continued,

‘I need more time to figure out if what they’re saying can pass through and is actually feasible. Not just with Trump but with democratic potential candidates.’

How very diplomatic. I'm sure you can guess where our allegiance lies...


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