ELLE Style Awards

Tom Hiddleston’s Plaster: The True Story

By Annabel Brog

You probably know by now that Tom Hiddleston was named ELLE Man of The Year at the ELLE Style Awards. A fitting tribute to an actor, writer and ELLE cover star.

Because Tom was filming in Toronto on the night, we filmed his acceptance speech. In a locked hotel room. At midnight. With beer and burgers. Jealous, much?


However, the question people are asking is: why does Tom Hiddleston have a plaster on his head? So here are some options

a) We beat Tom around the head with a sterling silver candlestick to make him say nice things about ELLE?

b) Sex game gone wrong?

c) Sex game gone right?

d) Having completed the Donmar theatre Coriolanus run – during which he was suspended upside down and has his throat slit – without suffering bodily harm, he was bending over to pick up his bag and someone opened a door on his head.

The answer: Sadly not c) Or even b) for that matter. It is d)

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