Everything You Need To Know About Chanel's Haute Couture Show

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Cara took her dog along

So stunning! Cara Delevingne at #CHANELHC16 #ChanelCouture #ChanelHauteCouture presentation now! 💞💞💞

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Meet Leo, the latest addition to the Delevingne brood. The cute canine accompanied Cara to the show, and successfully attracted the attention of every attendee at the Grand Palais venue. Who cares about the clothes when there's a little guy like that around? 



Great capes


May we suggest an 'evening cape' as your next purchase?

Not convinced? Just look at the beauties on the Chanel catwalk; translucent, sparkly, beautiful.

We're sold.

Capes at @chanelofficial Haute Couture show #SS16 #ChanelHauteCouture #Chanel #TheListMy #TheListOfficial

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Never heard of him?

Us neither, but we're starting to think we shoud have.

This guy has 7.6 million Instagram followers and is kind of a big deal in his homeland of South Korea.

He is a former member of boy band Big Bang, but left to go on to bigger and better things - in the same vein as Justin Timberlake, you get the picture.

Anyway, he was a star attendee at the show, as proved by his serious #swagger...


KenGi were there


Kendall + Gigi = KenGi, in case you're not up-to-date with your model portmanteaus. Both walked in the show (pictured above with Lindsey Wixon), as did Bella Hadid, Gigi's little sister. 


#Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Show✨ #GigiHadid #BellaHadid #KendallJenner #PFW

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Chanel's eco dream house

Revival #Égoïste #final #ChanelHauteCouture

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Who lives in a house like this? Us, in our dreams.

Chanel is well known for its lavish sets, and this season did not disappoint.

The difference? This time it was all eco-friendly.

Creative Director Lagerfeld has promised that all the materials used to make the epic wooden doll's house-style structure and accompanying idyllic garden will be recycled.



Fancy fanny-packs


OK, OK, they weren't technically bumbags, but they were pretty pouches strapped around the waist, which is near enough. 


What a corker


All the models wore variations of the same cork-soled shoe.

Fun fact: Coco Chanel was the first to introduce cork shoes in the 1920s, was so this a nice little nod to the fashion house's founder.

#chanelhautecouture #chanel #paris @chanelofficial

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And the bride wore...


...A bedazzled, oversized, haute couture hoodie.

Now that's our kind of wedding dress.


The hair was delicious

Crossiant hair #chanelhautecouture

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Part-croissant, part-Princess Leia, Sam McKnight created the most beautiful rolled-up 'do. And in case you think we're being rude, McKnight christened it the #chanelcroissant himself.

#ChanelHauteCouture #ChanelHC16 @nadjabender

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