A List Of Things Women Shouldn't Wear After 30 Is Storming The Internet

But not for the reasons you'd expect

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It is a concept commonly understood by women, that we will be issued with sets of instructions for almost every area of our lives.

For centuries, we have been told what to eat, at what time, what it is and is not acceptible for a lady to say, how single women should behave, how married women ought to comport themselves and of course, what we are and are not allowed to wear. 

It is usually the men in our lives equipping us with these guidelines, but sadly enough, when the men fail to do so, often other women will step in to fill the void.

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So if it isn't 'stop eating carbs', then it's probably 'don't wear stripes if you're pear shaped.'

Recently, a new set of instructions began doing the rounds. A list of things women shouldn't wear beyond the age of thirty. 

Considering everyone in the ELLE office was just the other day prepared to fight to the death for Susan Sarandon's right to wear a bra top on the red carpet, we were more than ready to kill whoever wrote this silly, ageist list.

Until, of course, we actually read it. 

Remind us to bin those dead seaguls forthwith. 

Here's to no more rules, whether you're 13 or 35-years-old.


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