Amy Schumer Had The Best Holiday Ever: Great Bikinis, Fun Friends, Hunky Boyfriend

This really is the life


Amy Schumer's life is pretty enviable by most people's standards isn't it?

She's hilarious and cool, gets paid for being...hilarious and cool, she's been lauded for her non-PC, outspoken behaviour in a way that many women would have been pillioried for and she's mates with Tina Fey and Jennifer Lawrence.

All marks of a great life, we're sure you'll agree.


But recently, her life took a step further into deeply enviable territory, when she went on holiday to the Bahamas with a load of her BFFS, plus hunky boyfriend and swam with the famous water-dwelling pigs.

Okay first of all, they went on vacation here, where the water is this colour:




And she wore a number of really superb items of swimwear:


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Cuddling up to Ben Hanisch:


Human centipedes

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And, yes, swimming with those cute sea-loving piggies: 

Reenacting the swimming pigs scene from The Bachelor.

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