Vetements Just Created A Hyper-Real Answer To The Post-Truth Age

Everything you need to know about the autumn/winter '17 show


From the U.S. presidential inauguration to our apparent new age of post-truth and alternative facts, it's been a month in which we all have asked, 'is this real life?' In today's Vetements, show, Demna Gvasalia and crew showed a different picture of realism with a collection called Stereotypes. 'It was hyper-reality,' says ELLE fashion director Anne-Marie Curtis. 'It was like they took every single piece from an ordinary outfit, and made it extraordinary. They Vetements-ed it.' Here, the key takeaways from the show.


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They played to type

At most runway shows, guests receive notes outlining the models who walked the runway and a list of pieces they wore. Vetements' twist on this was a list of character types: the police woman, the pensioner, the punk, the vagabond, and more. 'It was like the cast of a Vetements movie on one hand, and a snapshot of real actual people on the other,' Curtis says. The show invitations, which were mock IDs, added to the intrigue.


The cast took runway diversity to a new level

For years, Demna Gvasalia was criticised for his overwhelmingly homogenous (read: white and young) casts. This season's was the opposite. There were silver-haired ladies and gents of a certain (over 60) age, spiky haired punks, and a bespectacled secretary (portrayed by Lotta Volkova.)


Rhadika Nair, who last season made headlines as the first Indian model to walk in a Balenciaga show, also made an appearance. 'They were literally in all shapes and sizes, which sent a positive message. This was a real take on inclusivity,' Curtis says.

Corduroy is back

The fabric was trending during the men's show season, but Vetements just made it's comeback official.

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Is Ikea the new DHL?

Judging by the looks of Demna's jacket backstage. We think so.

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