Watermelon Dresses Will Keep You Entertained All Summer

Everybody is loving this tasty new Internet trend


The Internet is a weird, mysterious, yet wonderful place, isn't it? As well as all the social movements, extreme selfies, beauty tutorials and whatnot, it's also a breeding ground for creativity.

A social media trend has arrived pretty much out of nowhere and has swept the internet as a fun alternative to #HotDogLegs this summer.

Everybody, we give you the watermelon dress.

My summer just started! 💃☀☀🎉😌 #watermelondress #suchgirl

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Thousands of people have been having fun with the fruit, creating sweet watermelon dresses using clever angles, and a dash of imagination.

It's straightforward, extra delicious and you can be as experimental as you like with the fit and the silhouette.

Oh hey there. Have you seen a dog wear a 🍉👗? 😜#watermelondress

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A few clever clogs have even started making all kinds of elaborate designs (well, as elaborate as you can get using a watermelon).

#watermelondress#NO 🍉⚓️

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One thing is for sure, the trend has united people of all ages, from all over the world, and that is beautiful as well as delicious.

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