Lorraine’s Blog: David Beckham. You love him, don’t you?

The first man on an ELLE cover!


Tension has been mounting, RPatz fans went a little mad (because they were sad it wasn’t him) and Team ELLE started to panic as the time for the shoot drew nearer and news spread: all par for the course for our historical (and patriotic) #BeckhamELLE cover.

So why did I decide to do it? Well, what better way to celebrate the Olympics at ELLE? I have wanted to do a male cover since I started at ELLE, but the timing has never been right and I haven’t wanted to disappoint loyal readers who buy the magazine for fashion. However, following the huge response to David Beckham’s H&M underwear adverts, I could feel the love for the man and I knew that he was the one: iconic, handsome and with a love of fashion, a perfect combination for an ELLE cover star (or husband).


As I write, the team are beginning to prep for the 1pm shoot in the US. We’re using a male stylist for the first time and have chosen a fantastic LA location so we can shoot inside and out. Moodboards have been done and writer ELLE’s Alice Wignall has been briefed (she’s still working out what to wear to interview one of the world’s hottest stars). Now all we do is wait. Tonight the team will send me images as they shoot so today is a long day for me.


This is for our high-summer July issue, so if you want a collectors’ edition with a special cover, then you should subscribe by 16 May to be in time to get it. I’d be interested to know your thoughts, so please do comment below because I didn’t take the decision to put a man on the cover lightly. After all, we’re a women’s fashion magazine, so we need to appeal to as many women as possible and our cover tells the story of what’s inside.

To make sure you love the July issue even if you wouldn’t buy it just for the amazing pictures of David, we’ve packed it with brilliant high-street buys and probably our best beauty section so far this year – it’s beyond useful. There’s also a rather special model in one of our fashion shoots that you will be dying to read about when we come out. So this issue is destined to appeal to loyal readers and new ones (I hope).

Today I finished my June issue editor’s letter about 35 minutes before it got sent to the printers – this is late even by my standards and my chief sub-editor who makes sure the magazine meets its print deadlines on time will never forgive me. The editor’s letter is almost always the last thing to be written for an issue – we’re not the deadline queens we claim to be when it comes to our own words! But I can be forgiven a little for the tardiness as it is the first one since I came back from maternity leave last month and has to be more thoughtful than before.

As I’ve been office-based today, I slipped back into my ‘office uniform’ of smart jacket, blouse and capri-style trousers.

(Vanessa Bruno jacket, Joseph shirt and trousers, Rupert Sanderson shoes)

(MaxMara sunglasses)

(Rupert Sanderson shoes)

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