Underdressed Guests Get Makeovers At Kate Moss' Parties

​ Introducing the 'Moss makeover'

Ever wondered what it's like to bag an invite to one of Kate Moss' private soirées? Well, first things first, you need to make sure you're dressed the part: this she takes very seriously.

If Kate's throwing a party at home and one of her guest's turns up looking underdressed, she'll swiftly whisk them off to her wardrobe and style them in a new outfit. 'I don't do it to everyone, but if someone hasn't tried very hard, I'm dressing them up,' she told us at the launch of her new Rimmel Lips and Nails collection (out July 6th). 'I'll say, "You're not coming in looking like that, in jeans, a t-shirt and trainers. We need some heels."'


If your hair isn't on point, then you're in for the Mossy treatment too: 'Sometimes the scissors come out,' she chuckled. 'It's a Moss makeover.'

Kate, we'd gladly let you dress us up in your garms anytime. 

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