ELLE reviews World War Z

Brad Pitt stars


Brad Pitt turns action hero in World War Z, a gripping thriller about a zombie apocalypse.

He's Gerry Lane, a husband, father and UN worker who's thrown into a position of responsibility when zombies shrink the population overnight.

Gerry is charged with travelling the world trying to find the key to the virus-dodging, flesh-hungry zombies all the way.
World War Z is an exciting, action-packed story with breathtaking set pieces, only dragging in pace in the long, slightly absurd final act.

Unsurprisingly, Brad is great as the clever humanitarian type and Mireille Enos (The Killing) puts in a sympathetic performance as his wife (nice work if you can get it).

These characters are developed enough to make you care ­ and to crank up the suspense when they're thrown into peril.

It's not up there with the likes of 28 Days Later, but World War Z is still a cut above your average zombie horror.

World War Z is in cinemas now

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