Karl Lagerfeld won’t design condoms or toilet paper

But 'I am mainstream,' he says

Designing for Chanel may be Karl Lagerfeld’s day job, but in his spare time he has designed (or put his name to) a lot more. We’re talking Coca Cola bottles, Magnum ice-cream, a collection for Shu Uemura, designer jelly shoes, even a helicopter.

But there are some things Lagerfeld will not design. (Yes, really.)

Having been posed the question 'is there anything you wouldn’t put your name on?’ by Madame Le Figaro, the designer replied, ‘Toilet paper? Support Stockings? Condoms?... You know, I am mainstream. This exclusivity, it’s old-fashioned.'


Now, the whole condom thing, you design for Chanel you don’t want to follow in the footsteps of the now disbanded group JLS in designing contraception - we get that. Support stockings: we get that too. But toilet paper? If it’s true that 's rider included a demand for red toilet paper on her The Mrs Carter Show world tour and that Tamara Ecclestone insists on black in her bathroom, then we reckon there could be a market for Lagerfeld Loo Roll.

Just saying.

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