ELLE reviews Stoker

Mia Waikowska and Nicole Kidman star

Nicole Kidman plays mother to Mia Wasikowska in psychological thriller Stoker – but she’s not exactly the maternal type.

A glamorous widow, Kidman’s Evelyn welcomes the arrival of the mysterious Charlie (Matthew Goode), her late husband’s elusive brother.

When India (Wasikowska) grows closer to Charlie, Evelyn bristles with envy – and India starts to develop into quite a different creature.

It’s a fascinating, super-stylish thriller, mixing monochrome with gothic touches – Mia sports buttoned up black and white dresses while gangly legged spiders scatter around her legs, symbolising the horrors to come.


Kidman is perfectly cast as the cold, composed Evelyn while Matthew Goode is a suitably seductive, eerie presence.

Not an easy watch but definitely compelling.

Stoker is in cinemas now

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Watch the trailer for Stoker below

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