IKEA monkey gets Marc Jacobs campaign

Well, kind of...

Not something we could have predicted, but the 'person' enjoying their fifteen minutes of fame this week is the IKEA monkey. And now – inevitably – the fashion world has taken him into their hearts.

Unless you’ve been hidden under a rock this week you’ll have heard about the tiny primate who was found at a Canadian IKEA, wearing a stylish sheepskin coat. He was claimed by his owners eventually, but not before he became an internet sensation.


Countless online features and no less than 40 spoof Twitter accounts later, and the IKEA monkey has scored an advertising campaign… in a manner of speaking.

Thanks to a Photoshop-handy internet user, the monkey is the latest star of a (fake) Marc Jacobs campaign which is now doing the rounds on Tumblr. Move over Victoria Beckham and Dakota Fanning – there’s a new model in town...

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