Courtney Love's new film

Revealing documentary

Rock star, drug addict, friend of Kurt and Courtney - Patty Schemel sure has some stories to tell.

The one-time drummer of punk rock band Hole spills all in a new, gripping documentary Hit So Hard that includes new footage of Courtney Love with Kurt Cobain before his tragic death.

Patty describes joining the band and hanging out with the pair, making home movies of them and daughter Frances Bean.

We see Courtney sitting in a rocking chair with her baby, Kurt leaning over them affectionately.

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There are plenty of colourful contributions from a current-day Courtney, who sheds light on her relationship with Patty and the band.

Patty’s on-tour recollections are fascinating, as are those of Eric Erlandson, who was dating Drew Barrymore at the time.

There are as many sad moments as fun ones but it's always entertaining to hear stories of Courtney’s antics on tour.

Hit So Hard is in cinemas on Friday 16 November

Watch Courtney Love talking about fashion, Kurt Cobain and see footage of her on stage in an EXCLUSIVE clip from the documentary here

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