Meet Kate Moss this Thursday

Book signing in London

November 12 – 16th 2012 seems to be unofficial Kate Moss Week, as not a day goes by without a fresh story about the supermodel from Croydon popping up. Although her amazing coffee table book is already available to buy, the publicity has stepped up a notch this week, gearing towards the launch party on Thursday night.

Preceding that event, the supermodel herself will be appearing before her public – that means you could go and meet her. All you need is £50 to buy a copy of her book and the ability to get to London’s Mayfair between 5pm and 7pm on Thursday.

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Understandably, it’s not just any old bookshop that will be accommodating the super-supermodel, but none other than her old friend, Marc Jacobs’ Book Marc store in Marc by Marc, 56 Audley Street, Mayfair.

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