David Beckham on his undercover secrets

Plus: huge new moustache!

He’s the only man ever to have had the cover of ELLE to himself – and with good reason. There’s nothing that man looks bad in – including, well, nothing. Not even his startling 1940s-style moustache which out-Mo’s Movember itself.

He's spoken out in this behind-the-scenes video about the surprising inspiration that helped him create his best-selling bodywear range for H&M. ‘I have looked at long johns, from 50 years ago and a hundred years ago, and what people used to wear and how people used to wear them.’

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He also talked about his status in the industry. ‘When people refer to me as a fashion icon, it’s something that I’m proud of. Because, at the end of the day I’m a football player.’

The range is such as success that he’s created the new additions for Christmas 2012 that he models in the video. ‘It’s something that men would want to wear, and women – they want to see their men in it.’

They do if the man in question is you, David.

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