Cameron Diaz stars in Gambit

ELLE’s cover girl returns to comedy

ELLE’s December cover star Cameron Diaz goes cowgirl in Gambit, a playful heist movie from the Coen brothers.

Cameron plays PJ Puznowski, the Texas rodeo queen who’s part of a cunning plan by art expert Harry Deane (Colin Firth) to swindle his hated boss, Lionel (Alan Rickman) out of a fortune.

Harry’s plot involves PJ posing with a forged Monet before jetting off to London to charm Lionel into buying the painting.

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Clad in plaid, skinny jeans and a pair of cowboy boots, PJ certainly turns heads – but will Lionel be convinced that the forgery is for real?

Comedy capers follow as PJ lives it up in the Savoy, wining and dining while hapless Harry finds himself increasingly nudged out of the plan.

A remake of a 60s Michael Caine film, this retains a vintage flavour with a modern twist from writers Joel and Ethan Coen.

Glamorous and fun, Gambit’s well worth a watch for a giggle, gorgeous gowns and a classy cast.

Gambit is in cinemas on Wednesday 21 November

Watch the trailer for Gambit here

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