ELLE takes Cameron Diaz to the pub

Introduced to the great British boozer

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Well given the chance, wouldn't you take Cameron Diaz to the pub?
We did just that for the new issue of ELLE – and then we sprung a pub quiz on her.
The Hollywood powerhouse most likely to have you choking on your peanuts with laughter gushed about greasy pub snacks, house renovation and her mate Stella McCartney.
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She waxed lyrical about her co-stars Michael Fassbender – 'He does have a lot of confidence…’ (Well, if that's what you're calling it, Cameron…) – and Tom Courtenay, the veteran British actor who also appears in Cameron's new film, Gambit: ‘I need a little bit of hocus-pocus magic voodoo to try get him to be, like, 40 years younger. He’s so charming, so much fun.’
But when it came to random pub trivia, it turned out her answers were more, um, entertaining than accurate…
Could Diaz name the famous owner of the interview venue, the Punchbowl Tavern in Mayfair? Could she tell us what pork scratchings are made from or which form of exercise - dancing or sex – burns the most calories?
For the full story – and to discover what Diaz would expect to find in a Lancashire hotpot – buy the December issue of ELLE on sale from 7 November.
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