Gwen Stefani: ‘I couldn’t write’

ELLE cover star Gwen Stefani overcame writers block to create new No Doubt single.

She might have sold over 20 million solo albums, and a further 33 million sales with No Doubt, but even Gwen Stefani isn’t impervious to writers block.

Following the release of her two solo albums, ‘Love. Angel. Music. Baby.’ (2004) and ‘The Sweet Escape’ (2006), the birth of her second son Zume, and a four year hiatus from No Doubt, the band tried to get back into the studio to make new tracks but the process proved to be too difficult for Stefani.


‘It was horrible,’ she confessed in her . ‘I felt really hormonal, I felt really bad about myself. I couldn’t write.’

In an effort to get inspired, Gwen and the band went on tour – although this didn’t have the desired effect. ‘I was nursing and I had a toddler on tour; it was insane. I don’t know how I thoughts that was going to get me inspired or recharge my battery. Because it didn’t.’

Fortunately the dry writing spell soon passed and pulsing, reggae tinged new track ‘Settle Down’ was penned. Marking the first single from No Doubt in 9 years, we’re glad Gwen is back at what she does best.

Settle Down, the new single by No Doubt, is out today. .

Read the full interview with Gwen Stefani in the October issue of ELLE – on sale now.




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