Clueless reunion

Rolling with the homies...

Clueless has never been far from our hearts – in fact, Cher Horowitz is pretty much the epitome of all things deliciously Nineties (hello, yellow tartan suit!).

So of course ELLE couldn't be more elated at the news that the cast of Clueless reunited for a special screening of the film earlier this week.

Alicia Silverstone (Cher), Stacey Dash (Dionne), Elisa Donovan (Amber) and the film's writer/director Amy Heckerling took to a Q&A after the LA Film Festival screening on Tuesday - which comes nearly 20 years since the 1995 cult classic was released.


The photo of the mini-reunion alone was enough to stir deep-seated longings for a Clueless sequel. Any takers?

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